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Eclipse 3.3

Nuts to me. A recent platform dependent bug (windows) has illuminated that my final testing of 3.3 was lost in the shuffle during my defense. The code was last tested under 3.3.RC1 and enough has changed that attempts to run the models will fail. This is on the top of my weekend list. I hope to have a new download available before Monday.


Motor (not manual)

Alrighty, the first functional commit of the new general motor module is in place. I have to say, I'm quite pleased with it. The implementation is general enough that it can be easily extended or adapted without having to fuss with threading or common reality interfacing. In fact I will be refactoring the vocal module to use it as well (although as a separate module).

The challenge of a general motor module

ACT-R proper is only aware of its hands, it's not a motor system, rather a manual motor system. I've never been too terribly pleased with this. Inevitably other motor systems will need to be modeled, and the current implementation leads us down the path of building a new module for every motor system. Personally, I'd rather see manual subsumed under a more general motor module, but this presents some interesting questions.

Vocal module and efferent events

It's taken quite some time, but there is a new module in the distribution. The genesis has entirely to do with the oft delayed implementation of efferent commands in Common Reality. It took some time to come up with a viable and satisfactory solution to models making motor requests, having them accepted/rejected, and then ultimately executed by CR.


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