Version 6

DefaultProceduralModule6 provides the primary procedural functionality. The most common points of extension are in conflict set assembly, production instantiation and selection. Each has its own delegate interface (IConflictSetAssembler, IProductionSelector, IProductionInstantiator). This implementation is also responsible for enforcing strict harvesting. For any buffer that has strict harvesting enabled (IActivationBuffer.isStrictHarvestingEnabled()), the module checks to see if the production matching on that buffer also includes a remove. If not, one is added automatically.

The default production selector will choose the production with the highest 'ExpectedUtility', if that is not defined (i.e. no procedural learning module is installed or enabled), it will use 'Utility'.


  • NumberOfProductionsFired : How many productions have fired up to this point.
  • ExpectedUtilityNoise : Noise parameter for utility (values: number>=0. default : 0).
  • DefaultProductionFiringTime : How much time a production takes to fire (values: numeric>0. default: 0.05)