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Version 4

DefaultDeclarativeLearningModule4 provides the ACT-R 4 style of base-level learning and associative learning. It expects that the chunks created by the installed declarative module support the ISubsymbolicChunk4 interface, as well the associative linkage system to be the DefaultAssociativeLinkageSystem (which creates Link4 associative links).

Note: Theoretically outdated. Limited support available.


  • BaseLevelLearningRate : Decay rate of base level activation (values: numeric>0, NaN (off). default: 0.5)
  • AssociativeLearningRate : Carry over from prior estimates to the current (values: numeric >=0. default 1).
  • OptimizedLearning : Number of reference times to retain in the calculations (values: 0-100. default: 0) Note: 0 implies no optimization, that is, all references are retained.