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Version 2 is released.

The newest version of jACT-R and its supporting tools has been released. It is recommended that you do a clean install.

This update includes:

  • Dramatic improvements to DM (both in terms of memory usage and performance)
  • New runtime configurations (greater flexiblity for embedding)
  • New embedding tools
  • Thin perceptual layer (sans extra threads and communications)
  • New time control (faster, non-blocking)
  • A dependency manager
  • Better performance in runtime record/playback
  • More extensible parameter support
  • Algorithmic optimizations

Coming Soon:

  • More tutorials & updated examples (available on GitHub)

Known Issues:

  • Visicon viewer is not currently functional (needs to be updated to newest backend)
  • Runtime recording when using independent clocks does not work as expected.
  • Documentation