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Not ACT-R 6.1, but 7. While I've got a bunch of opinions about ditching chunktypes, I am fully committed to supporting it in jACT-R. In fact, the majority of the declarative system works with or without chunktype specifications. The problem is that chunktypes provided a very natural and efficient way to segment the data space, supporting many of the optimizations within jACT-R.

The goal is to only make minimal selected changes, mostly through extension or delegation. Theoretic interfaces will extend the existing ones, marking chunkttype related functions as deprecated (within the 7 version only). 

Unfortunately, all compilation support fundamentally depends on chunktypes. Static analysis is damn near impossible without the schemata that chunktypes provide. However, something more probability based might be possible (i.e., checking slot usage based on probable usage, flagging those that are atypical, but not provably wrong?). 

ACT-R 7 support will happen, but it will take some time to accomplish and test.