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3.3 Good (enough) to go.

Alright, after a very long couple of days, the 3.3 stream has been tested and is working well enough for the time being. It has been tested on Mac & Win XP.

A few things though. First, tweaking a newly imported jACT-R project (currently still required.. odd, the eclipse bug should have been fixed awhile ago) will produce an exception message regarding .compiled/ already existing. You can ignore it. Second, imported launch configurations are loosing their aliases, before you attempt to run, make sure there is an alias. I'm digging around to find this bug and will put an IDE warning later.

You can now enable or disable jACT-R debug statements through the launch configuration. Mac people can now run the Swing tools as well (visicon viewer).

I've also disabled the lisp option altogether and won't enable it until the parser has been cleaned up.

This should enable everyone to run, at least bare bones. Most of my attention now is on getting this bad boy ready for the rest of the modeling community (read as: validation & module gaps).