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So, there has been a long standing bug in Eclipse (well, Equinox) such that if you wanted to use Swing on the Mac, you were SOL. The reasoning was that since the majority of Eclipse uses SWT, they were doing some custom thread management that would make all Swing calls deadlock.

There were two fixes introduced to 3.3 that addressed this. The first (and easiest) was what I was depending on. It allowed launch configurations to deactivate this feature by removing a command line parameter. Easy enough. The second is required by those who distribute self-running applications (not what the IDE does) and so it didn't really apply.

So, I made the modifications over the weekend, but in a moment of weakness didn't test it fully. In the tradition of drinking one's own koolaid, today I migrated all the robotic interfacing I've been working on into the standard workflow. What happened when I tried to launch it? It froze hard. Lo and behold, the bug fix actually doesn't fix a damned thing.

grumble. A new bug report has been posted. I'm working on a stand-in solution for mac users (i.e. me). Speaking of bug reports, registered users can now submit bug reports through the projects section of the website.