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day of reckoning

Well, the folks at NRL have begun to work with jACT-R. Let me tell you, that first day was rough. Write once, run anywhere has always been more of a philosophy than a reality. Fortunately, most of the issues were my bugs and they were addressed.

It's also been interesting to get different work-flow perspectives from traditional ACT-R users. Since I've gotten so used to using the table based log viewer, the excessive verbosity of my logging was never an issue. But since we're all getting hit by the Mac bug, flat file logging is getting to be a bit much. I cobbled together a quick instantiation tracker for the others to use that does make things much easier in this circumstance. It will probably be moved into the primary tool chain shortly.

The traditional users have expressed a strong desire for me to get the Lisp parser/generator fixed and running. So, one sleepless night later, the huge problems have been resolved and I've reenabled the support. It's still not completely compatible and you will get compile errors. Proxies and scripts aren't supported and parameters are still a mess. One step at a time.

This weekend I'll be working on making sure that XML -> Lisp -> XML produces executable results and then make sure the inline compiling and problem markers are functioning correctly in the IDE.