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come and get it

Another weekend, another release.

Lisp lovers will be happy to know that the lisp parser and generator have improved dramatically. While support is still not 100% (read as: parameters and !eval! of lisp code), jactr models can now be converted to lisp and back and be identical (unless you use custom parameter values). The two biggest challenges of handling scripts and proxies have been resolved. Take it for a spin, convert an existing jactr model to lisp and bask in the coolness.

I have also added two more tools to the standard set: Change and Utility Trackers. Change tracker allows you to listen to active and new chunks as well as the current instantiation, generate code (lisp or jactr) for them and pass them on to the default model logger (using CHANGE as the stream name). The utility tracker allows you to track the expected utility of productions with names matching a regular expression and dump them to a named file.

I have also included a handful of bug fixes and one significant performance improvement. Model logging is now much faster due to better handling of buffering and flushes.

The software is available from the usual locations.