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getting close to an official release.

With all the progress that has been happening behind the scenes, it's starting to feel a lot like time to start prepping and official release candidate. What does that mean? Well, there are few outstanding features that need to be implemented (i.e. production compilation) plus a handful of functionalities that I've placed on the back burner because of their small size and my general lack of need (i.e. visual object tracking, mouse motor control, subvocalization), but other than that, all the pieces are there.

Aside from those issues, I'd like to clean up the IDE and add a "run-until" break point (in addition to the production break points), plus I'm still waiting on the Mac/Eclipse execution bug. Then I can finish up the swing visual parser (common reality participant that automagically transforms Swing/AWT GUIs into visible objects) and the tutorial models.

If I can do all of that before the ACT-R workshop, I'll be in a good place to announce 1.5RC1, with the official 1.5 release arriving after the theoretical validations and lisp compatibility tests.

Ahhh.. I can see the destination on the horizon.