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New Release (

It's been a little while, but that doesn't mean things haven't been progressing. Lots of new features, lots of improvements, and the usual slew of bug fixes.

Note worthy:

  • Core
    • speed ups in aural and visual
    • visual and aural are now cleaner and illustrate "appropriate" principles for interfacing with common reality
    • many motor module fixes
    • further improvements to realtime handling (particularly when the clock changes mid-cycle)
    • better logging and exception handling
  • IDE
    • faster incremental compilation
    • stable and persisted folding and tree expansion states
    • syntax agnostic context assistant (i.e. works for lisp too)
    • more responsive log viewer during fast runs
    • better support for huge models (+10000 chunks and productions)
    • iterative runs now support debug option
    • mac users can now use the standard tooling (but the Visicion and Configural viewers will not work)

What's coming down the pipeline? Well, at the end of the month I should be releasing the player/stage interface which makes full-ish embodiment sooooo much easier to deal with. The Swing interface is still in stand-by until this damned mac-specific bug is resolved (I can't develop it, if I can't run it)

Major issues:

  • If you see any ERROR message in the console, please bounce a copy to me. There is a strange bug that is only appearing around 1% of the time, and you have to be multi-cored to get it, regarding messages arriving out of order from common reality. It's not critical, yet.. but could cause problems down the road.
  • IMotorModule.reset() might leave executing commands in an indeterminate state for common reality (it should issue an abort before clearing)
  • buffer stuffing is disabled by default as there are a few caching issues that need to be resolved
  • and of course, various bits of missing functionality : object tracking, subvocalization, full manual command set, production compilation, declarative finsts, non-indexed retrievals, delayed imaginal operations, and whatever the hell else I've forgotten. :)