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Ok, I know.. I should have had a release out the door last week, but the out-of-order communication bug took longer to resolve than I'd thought. It's done now, so I've been working on some of the compatibility issues. Indexed retrievals are now disabled by default, but can be reinstated if you'd like. Movement tolerance in the visual system is up next along with object tracking. I've dropped a release to get the current fixes out the door, and the visual patches will be released after I've gotten the visual search along a path implemented (used for the gaze following we are working on at the lab).

I was initially concerned that the communications fix would actually slow the system down, and it does, but only for short running models (the visual test model went from 80x to 50x realtime). Longer running models seem to be relatively unaffected (my handedness model, running a simulated 3 hours clocks in just over 20 seconds (~50-70x)). Furthermore, the changes to MINA make for better control of the threading and errors are much easier to detect now. With this stumbling block out of the way, development will pick up again.

I'm still keeping an eye out for the Mac-specific bug.. but I'll give the Eclipse community some time to recover from their yearly conference before I starting being a pain in the ass again.