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Big old release this time around that includes core, tools, and the IDE. A selection of the most interesting changes follows.


  • Added timing for the imaginal module (including separated add and modify times)
  • visual searches can now be further customized through the use of IVisualLocationFilter, which can be added as a fully qualified class name parameter to the visual module
  • finally broke all dependencies on AWT (java.awt.geom in particular)


  • inclusion of the BeanShell tool which will open a remote shell (accessible http://localhost:9999/) which will allow you complete and total control of the running environment. I'm working on a set of commands to mirror the standard lisp commands.
  • extensible commands and imports for the beanshell
  • Visicon Tracer is now available to route visual module events over the network for consuming (i.e. in the IDE)


  • The model outline can now filter out imported content (chunks, productions, etc)
  • Visicon viewer is now available in the IDE (it's rough, more coming)
  • runtime tracers can now be selectively enabled (log, buffer, visicon) since they can have significant performance effects. See the Logging/Trace tab in the run configuration window.
  • clean builds will now delete the cached run configuration information
  • new projects now include a default configuration directory that is automatically included in the classpath with the model files (all resources should be stored there)
  • reduced the likelihood that new projects will have missing dependencies (by including damn near everything)