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Release etc..

Big old batch of bug fixes as I make the mad-dash to the ACT-R workshop. Most of the fixes have to do with concurrency and stability. The intermittent lock-up on start has finally been diagnosed thanks to access to machines with many more cores. It looks as though some long standing motor module issues have finally been resolved allowing commands to be correctly handled when aborted by the model or common reality. Finally, the remote execution tool has been modified so that it can work correctly over VPN connections (the server is now the only one that runs a web service).

There is but one execution bug left that I am aware of and I actually suspect it's a communications issue (MINA, not me), as a participant can sometimes connect to common reality but CR never gets the login message. It's very rare, but can be a show stopper for the bulk runs. However, the bulk runs now include a deadlock detector so at worse the process is killed and restarted. Not an ideal fix, but it will do for now as I look at the model fits for gaze-following.