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Motor System

There is no manual system, just a global motor system. The motor system is a drop-in replacement with the same basic functionality, plus a few bells and whistles.

Muscle-level parallelism

If EnableMuscleLevelParallelism is true, motor programs can be prepared and executed in parallel so long as they don't overlap in the muscle groups used.

Compound commands

The motor buffer can also contain chunks derived from compound-motor-command. Compound motor commands allow you to execute primitive motor commands in a coordinated manner, even though they are not actual motor commands.


Canonical ACT-R provides a separate chunk-type to specify a motor command to be prepared in advance and then executed later. The problem with this mechanism is that it locks you into a limited set of predefined movements (Specifically keyboard and mouse movements), preventing modelers from contributing their own movement types. jACT-R instead uses a meta-slot (:prepare-only) which can be added to any movement request. Using this, any movement command (past or future) can be prepared in advance, and then executed with the execute chunk-type request.