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How do I connect a model to Java Swing/AWT?

Excellent question. Unfortunately, you can't yet. Not for any technical reasons. I'm just spread too thin with pieces that are more critical to my own research.

What does it take to hook them up? Ideally, there would be a swing sensor that would be responsible for parsing the visible GUI and generating percepts.

Fortunately, inspecting java GUIs is incredibly easy. A combination of global listeners, the robot interface, and the accessibility package allows you access to everything on the screen (that the JVM has access too itself). From there it's just a matter of creating a system that transforms that information into percepts.

With my focus on cognitive robotics and embodied cognition, I just do not have the time to put this together. I started way back when (org.commonreality.sensors.swing), but never got very far.

If there is anyone out there who is comfortable with AWT/Swing and would like to take a stab at the sensor, let me know. I can provide quite a bit of support, but I can't take point on this. It is an incredibly important component and one that I'm disappointed not to have finished already.