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Updates for 3.5

A new release is out that addresses the Eclipse 3.5 updates.

Installation Notes:

  • Categories do not work (for some reason). Turn off "group by category" and you'll see the jACT-R bundles.
  • Remote execution is unavailable for now. Enough has changed to the communications framework that 3.5 is incompatible.

New Features:

  • Production static analysis is back (under jACT-R Eclipse Tools), still a bit buggy, but useful nonetheless.
  • There is now a associative link viewer (static analysis too..). It's rough but usable.
  • There is now a mechanism to specify a global perceptual/symbol grounder. Normally this just uses strings for the 'value', 'token', and 'identifier' slots, but can be configured to create specific chunks for those concepts. This is the first piece of the generalize perceptual-priming mechanism we are working on.