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October release

The latest release brings a few new features online to make customization of behavior easier. It also includes some IDE fixes, tweaks, and support for a future feature that most will find useful.


In the buffers package there is now IActivationSpreader, an interface to allow you to customize how activation is propagated. What to spread activation multiple levels deep? Or only on alternative Tuesdays? This is the place. The default implementation behaves as you'd expect. The best way to customize the spreader is to create an IExtension that replaces the spreader of the AbstractActivationBuffer in the initialize method.


The motor module now includes a motor-clear chunktype that allows you to clear (reset) on a per-muscle basis (as opposed to clearing everyone).


Chunktype and chunk instance overloading now works correctly. You can redefine existing chunktypes or chunks at will. The compiler will issue a warning telling you what is happening. I strongly advise against removing slots. :)


Numerous fixes to many of the annoying bugs including: truncated logging, spurious module not found errors, difficulties with resolving in-project dependencies, and general improvements to the project wizards. Speaking of project wizards, it is now possible to contribute additional custom project wizard pages (in addition to the default Instrument and Module wizards). I will be providing a sensor wizard soon which should help people get up to speed on integrating other systems with CommonReality.