The newest version with the new leaner syntax is available. Tutorials are being converted. Installation instructions are out-of-date and will be corrected soon, until then, use these instructions to install.


Upcoming update

Things have been quite, but behind the scenes progress is being made. In the coming weeks there will be a new update that brings: full Maven support for command line warriors; fluent API for model building; fluent API for runtime assembly; a separate OSGi build; io2 - a cleaner syntax, compiler, and builder tool chain. IDE testing is going on now and the release will occur once backward compatibility is confirmed.

Eclipse Neon compatibility

Eclipse Neon was released over the summer. Due to other commitments, I completely missed it. There are some installation incompatibilities for new installs. An update is in the works.


Not ACT-R 6.1, but 7. While I've got a bunch of opinions about ditching chunktypes, I am fully committed to supporting it in jACT-R. In fact, the majority of the declarative system works with or without chunktype specifications. The problem is that chunktypes provided a very natural and efficient way to segment the data space, supporting many of the optimizations within jACT-R.

Inputs into modules...

An interesting question came up today at the ACT-R workshop. I was asked if I had a diagram of all the inputs and outputs of the various modules. It threw me off because the inputs and outputs of a module are going to be dictated by the design of that particular module*.

Version 2 is released.

The newest version of jACT-R and its supporting tools has been released. It is recommended that you do a clean install.

This update includes:

Some thoughts on performance & time synchronization.

In preparation for the 2015 ACT-R workshop, I've been working with my boss on an interesting model. What makes it interesting is that it runs full throttle for about 30 minutes of interactions, followed by a day of rest, for almost a full year. It's a model that actually does quite a bit of work, has massive numbers of references, and is very long lived. My boss built the initial model. I then took it and did an almost 1:1 conversion to jACT-R. It's provided some interesting comparisons, insights, and new optimizations.

Road to 2.0

This website doesn't see nearly as much activity as the development of jACT-R itself. In the past two years there has been much work in decoupling of components, optimizations, new features, and bug fixes. Some of changes have been intended, but not implemented for backward compatibility. For the past 10 years, jACT-R has puttered along relying upon Java1.5. 1.8 finally introduces lambdas and much better concurrency constructs. It's time to make the change.

Define 'eminent'..

Ok, I admit it. I am horrible at keeping this site updated. There has been significant and continued progress behind the scenes. If you use the auto-update feature, you should have seen all the changes.

In the past few months it has become clear that a new version is overly due. This will include some major refactoring - but most code shouldn't be affected. Details are forth coming.

Update eminent

Yes, development is still on going and active!

In the next week or so, a new version will be released that supports three huge chunks of new functionality: multiple inheritance (for chunktypes), logical conditionals on the left-hand-side of productions, and production compilation.

All of this comes from the work of Dr. Laura Hiatt. She and I are working together on not only very large memories, but conceptual reorganization and learning across the lifetime.


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