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Running embedded

Ok, so you have built your awesome model, tested it, hardened it, and it looks amazing. Now you decide it is time to embed the model in your game engine, or whatever. How do you trim the bloat of the IDE and get just what you need in the arch?

None of the jACT-R core or modules actually depends upon Eclipse or OSGi, rather it is the launchers that do. To effectively embed, you just need to place the core dependencies on the classpath and build a launcher suitable for your needs.

(note: I am working on some code to make this easier, but it is far from ready. If you want to code as it is, just ask)

The simplest solution is just to use org.jactr.entry.Main as a starting point. It's the same entry point the Eclipse launcher uses, but only after it has dynamically hooked up all the extensions (i.e. parsers, compilers, automatic code injection).

However, if you do require custom parsers, or any of the other dynamically resolved elements, you will have to do so yourself, with calls such as : ModelParserFactory.addParser(String extension, Class extends IModelParser> clazz) or ASTParticipantRegistry.addParticipant(String moduleClassName, IASTParticipant participant)

Additionally, you will likely require finer-grained control of the run cycle. (sorry, no javadoc yet) provides an example of how to limit the cycle time. It can also be adapted to run for one cycle and wait until signaled to run another.