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Inputs into modules...

An interesting question came up today at the ACT-R workshop. I was asked if I had a diagram of all the inputs and outputs of the various modules. It threw me off because the inputs and outputs of a module are going to be dictated by the design of that particular module*. For instance, the visual module only depends on a declarative module and its hook up to CommonReality via its visual memory. Then issues of neurological design came up, and where those communication pathways were represented within the module. I think this is where we started talking across each other. 

While the architecture (ACT-R, in general) is neurologically inspired, it is largely so post hoc. Canonical ACT-R's design existed before we started mapping modules to neurological regions, the same with jACT-R. Theoretically motivated design does not necessary require theorectically dictated implementation. For reasons of testability, extendability, and modification, we don't want to hinder our implementation with neurologic constraints - just the behavior

* but I should certainly provide such a diagram for the default modules. I'll consider that a question a valid bug report. Thanks, Ryan!