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Importing Existing Projects

[updated 08/09/15]

To import a zipped tutorial like in Eclipse, choose Import ... from the File menu of Eclipse. In the Import dialog, keep the pre-selected entry Existing Projects into Workspace and click Next >. Click on Select archive file and Browse ... to the select the downloaded zip archive. Click Finish to import the project into the workspace.

If you came here from a novice tutorial, you may now proceed with the tutorial. You may also continue to get more info on exporting and importing jACT-R projects.


The following screencasts cover how to export and import both zipped and installed jACT-R projects. It also introduces you to run configurations and the creation of custom modules.

Importing/Exporting v1 (19:33 min)
Importing/Exporting v2 (04:50 min)

Note: The tutorials referenced in these (old) videos are not installed by default. You can grab them and similar examples directly from GitHub.

Note: The exporter trims out empty folders. You will need to add the empty java folder at the root of the project. If not, you will receive a error for the project, but it's not critical