Road to 2.0

This website doesn't see nearly as much activity as the development of jACT-R itself. In the past two years there has been much work in decoupling of components, optimizations, new features, and bug fixes. Some of changes have been intended, but not implemented for backward compatibility. For the past 10 years, jACT-R has puttered along relying upon Java1.5. 1.8 finally introduces lambdas and much better concurrency constructs. It's time to make the change.

Define 'eminent'..

Ok, I admit it. I am horrible at keeping this site updated. There has been significant and continued progress behind the scenes. If you use the auto-update feature, you should have seen all the changes.

In the past few months it has become clear that a new version is overly due. This will include some major refactoring - but most code shouldn't be affected. Details are forth coming.

Update eminent

Yes, development is still on going and active!

In the next week or so, a new version will be released that supports three huge chunks of new functionality: multiple inheritance (for chunktypes), logical conditionals on the left-hand-side of productions, and production compilation.

All of this comes from the work of Dr. Laura Hiatt. She and I are working together on not only very large memories, but conceptual reorganization and learning across the lifetime.

End of Summer Release

It's the end of the summer and we've got a great big old release for y'all. It includes a slew of bug fixes, some API changes (sorry), new features, and some new IDE fun. This new release does require Eclipse 3.6 (the core doesn't, but the IDE does), but that brings with it an easier installation (see below)


New Tools!

The IDE has had some odd behaviors for awhile now. After watching a coworker struggle a bit with it, I decided to address a few of these issues in my off time.

Most important is the new runtime perspective (which can be launched automatically during runs)


API changes

To maximize code reuse and minimize incompatibility, I work hard to ensure that the APIs rarely change. The core API has been fairly stable for some years now, but has finally required a bit of tinkering.

New Releases, Conferences and Eclipse 3.6

August is nearly here, which means the two major cognitive modeling conferences are fast approaching. I will be attending both ICCM and CogSci this year, with a presentation at the later (on modeling embodied phenomenon). Feel free to track me down if you want to talk shop.

There will be a significant release arriving after the conferences. This will include many performance improvements, bug fixes, auditory and visual enhancements, etc. It will also include a streamlined installation (yay).

April release

April's release is here. I've been doing a great deal of work on making it easier to swap out associative learning systems, so most of the fixes and features are related to that.


March release

The latest release includes two new major pieces of functionality.

Updates and bug fixes

There is a new update just posted. It includes some bug fixes and new features. Enjoy.


  • BaseSensor now has immediate mode support which is better suited to less frequent, event based interfaces
  • More logging across the board (internal)
  • opened up api access to setting the perceptual module's symbol grounding code
  • opened up api access to IVisualModule equations

Bug fixes:


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