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Retrieval module

Indexed Retrievals

Retrieval module does permit indexed (i.e. immediate) retrievals of chunks you already have references to. However, this must be explicitly enabled with the EnableIndexedRetrievals parameter.


Retrievals can also be performed asynchronously if the declarative module is asynchronous.

Declarative FINSTS

Declarative FINSTs are controlled by two parameters: FINSTDurationTime (3 seconds) and NumberOfFINSTs (4 chunks). :recently-retrieved (null, false, true) can be used in retrieval requests.

Partial Matching

The canonical ACT-R partial matching allows completely mismatching chunks to be retrieved, assuming they have the highest activation. jACT-R requires at least one feature in the retrieval spec to match. This is a functional, not theoretic, design decision. This matches better with the modeler's expectations and is also more performant (not requiring testing against all of DM).